Fashion of Exotic Dances

exotic dance
The fashion really depends on the type of performance, or the club the dancer is performing. Usually, exotic dancers do not have full clothes on at the beginning of a strip tease. Burlesque dancers start with full elegant clothes and end their performance in their thongs and nipple tassels, while most of the exotic dancers wear mini skirts, net tube dresses, string monokini, sensual costumes; see-through bodysuits, stockings, garter belts, thongs, and other fetish outfits.

Types of Exotic Dancing

There are different forms of seducing an audience, not every exotic dancer has to get fully naked; however, in some countries is illegal to perform in front of an audience completely naked. It depends on the act, how much the exotic dancer will get paid, or if she’s /he’s willing to get fully naked.


striptease A striptease is an erotic or exotic dance, which involves slow and sensual movements while the performer gradually undresses in a seductive and sensual way. The performer could finish completely naked, or partly naked. The priority of this exotic dance is the act of undressing with attractive, sensual movements rather than be just fully naked without doing any seductive movements.

Bubble Dance

This is an old exotic dance made famous by Sally Rand in the 1930s. The performance includes a sixty inches in diameter bubble balloon; the dancer captivates the crowd by doing extravagant movements sometimes partly, or completely naked.

Table Dancing

This is when the performer dances on the table you are sitting at. It does not include physical contact, or it could mean when there are small tables around the club and the dancers do sensual movements.

Floor Work/Floor Show

A performance done on the floor of the stage with a carpet or blanket done with lotion or oils. Usually, floor shows involve a lot of fully nude spreads and teases.

Pole Dancing

pylon One of the most popular way to do an exotic dance in the club nowadays. The pole dancer combines seductive and acrobatics movements on the pole. Pole dancing requires significant strength and flexibility. However, pole dancing can be found in other places like dancing studios, and fitness studios.

Fan Dance

Fan Dance is an exotic performance that works by having control of one or two feather fans, made of ostrich feathers. The dancer could be in a sensual costume, partly naked, or completely naked while slowly and gently moving the two fans in a seductive teasing way.

Burlesque Dancer

This could be one of the most “classy” exotic dance; the female is accompanied by slapstick comedy, hilarious, and entertaining skits while giving a striptease. A burlesque dancer would never go completely nude; it’s a form of sexy, fancy, and wildly playful behavior.