Preparing to Meet Your Escort

Escorts like to be treated like women when you go to meet them. No matter what country in the world you go to, you will encounter the same thing, and Thailand is no different. Basically, the happier that you make them, the happier that they will make you in the end. You’ll also find how many of the escorts that you encounter will be some of the finest women around, and they’re also some of the most interesting. Here’s how you should prepare when going to meet them.

Prepare the Same Way You Would a Date

You have to prepare for escorts in the same way that you prepare for special dates. Treat her like you might a queen, and she will treat you like royalty as well. This means that you will want to clean up the hotel and make the bed. Prepare everything so that it looks good. In addition, brush your teeth, take a bath and trim your fingernails. You might also want to turn on some sexy music. Smooth jazz usually works fine in these situations. You could even bring in a candle to have a romantic candlelight dinner with the escort. As a seeker of love, you want to show your escort that you can be both a gentleman and a sophisticated lover.

Have the Fee and Tip Prepared on the Table

As a gentleman, you want to show her how you have everything prepared when she shows up. If the escort arrives more than half an hour late, you should speak with the agency to figure out where she went. While they might tell you that she’s on her way, in some cases, they have to page her a second time. Unfortunately, sometimes agencies promise she will arrive at a time that isn’t realistic.

When the escort arrives, you should smile and tell her that she looks beautiful. You should treat her to refreshment like a classy bottle of wine or fruit juice. If it’s your first time meeting your Thai date, she will most likely enter a script. These are the essentials of getting started. Follow these procedures with your Thai escort, and you will have a wonderful time with her.