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FREE Stage Events

Friday, July 12


6:30 PM "Thistle and Lace"

7:30 PM Hypnotist Freddie Justice

8:30 PM "Thistle and Lace"

Thistle and Lace

Come and Enjoy the Shows

at the  Free Stage!

The Woodpicks
Neon Gypsy

Show off your Talents

and win CASH Prizes

at the

Big Stone's Got Talent Contest

Saturday at 4:30 PM! 


Saturday, July 13

3:00 "Freddie Justice

Hypnosis Comedy Show"

4:30 PM Big Stones County's

"Got Talent Contest" 

6:30 PM "Neon Gypsy Acoustics"






Sunday, July 14


10:00 AM Community Church Service

12:00 PM 4-H Fashion Review 

1 PM "The Woodpicks"

3 PM "The Woodpicks" 

The Woodpicks
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